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Swallow the Moon

Title: Swallow the Moon
Author: elf_skitzo
Rating: PG-13... I think.
Notes: For my Duckie (the_duckie); songfic, lyrics by Jewel. This is a work in progress, really, first attempt at a song fic. May or may not be edited, constructive cricisim welcomed.
Feedback: Yes please. <3

Venus De Milo in her half-baked shell
Understood the nature of love very well
She said "A good love is delicious,
You can't get enough too soon
It makes you so crazy -
You want to swallow the moon"

Coming into the bedroom to see him sprawled on the bed - their bed - always sent a thrill through Dominic, no matter how many times he saw the very same sight. A smile appeared on his face and he padded quietly across the room, just in case the angel in his bed was actually asleep. He pulled his shirt off before crawling into bed, easing his body down beside Orlando's gently. Unable to just look any longer he bowed his head, closing his eyes as he brushed his lips across the warmth of his lover's shoulder. His lips curved when he felt gentle movement and in a fluid motion he pushed himself up as Orlando woke up, rolled onto his back like he always did. Dominic eased gently between the other man's legs, resting his body lightly against Orlando's for a moment until he saw those doe brown eyes open to look up at him. "G'd morning beautiful."

Orlando didn't answer, but then he didn't need to. His smile always said more than he had ever put into words. Dominic loved that.

The sunlight streaming through the window over the bed bathed Orlando's olive skin in a golden light, made the brown curls that crowned his head a richer shade, but his smile made him glow.

My hands are two travelers
They've crossed oceans and lands
Yet they are too small
On the continent of your skin
Wandering, wandering
I could spend my life
Travelling the length of your body each night

Dominic caught his lover's smiling mouth in a tender kiss, tongue dipping easily past Orlando's lips for a brief taste of the soft warmth hidden behind them. As he pulled away again he sat up, watching his lover's face relax, the smile lingering in his eyes. Dominic bowed down again, his hands resting gently on Orlando's sides. He closed his eyes, his lips pressing to the sun tattooed on Orlando's stomach. He smiled against the warm skin when he felt muscles tense just for a moment. Slowly he kissed his way higher, his lips barely brushing over his lover's skin as he mapped out each inch; his hands flowed easily over Orli's thighs, feeling the loose fabric that covered them, easing higher over his hips and stomach in the wake of his mouth.

Orlando's body arched smoothly to follow the gentle caresses as they moved higher. Dominic couldn't get enough of him, tracing designs over the tanned canvas only to erase them with a sweep of his palm. He smiled when he felt fingers tangling in his hair, cradling the back of his head in silent encouragement. Dominic realised that he would be happy doing this for the rest of his life.

Oh Oh Oh Oh
Oh Oh Oh Oh
Be still my little heart
Oh Oh Oh Oh
Love is a flame
Neither timid nor tame
Take these stars from my crown
Let the years fall down
Lay me out in firelight
Let my skin feel the night
Fasten me to your side
And say it'll be soon
You make me so crazy baby
We swallow the moon

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