the dreamer (elf_skitzo) wrote in domorli,
the dreamer

Title: Flashbacks and Flashbulbs: A Piggy Back in Sydney
Author: elf_skitzo
Rating: PG, fluffy, slashish
Pairing: Dom and Orli
Notes: for lotrpschallenge challenge 31
Feedback: always adored

We nearly fell foward when he jumped on, but now he's warm and solid against my back. It was no time at all between filming and premieres, really, and all the worry I had about seeing everyone again just went away.

Dom's hands held my chest at first but now he's content to just lounge there, trusting that I'll hold him up. I can't get the smile off my face but it's worth it. Smiling - it's the best thing in the world and it's best of all when it's one of your friends that makes it happen. I pinch his arse a few times just as pay-back for piggy-backing him down the red carpet and it takes everything I've got not to start whirling around until we both just fall over.

Dom's head is against mine; I can smell his cologne and it's better than I remember - I was more used to smelling sweat and make up and soap before. He's got a little beard-thing going and it's quite fetching really - Dom's the only hobbit, I think, that'll ever look good with facial hair.

Camera! But he's too busy looking somewhere else so I'll smile for him.

Cheeky Hobbit, you'd think he'd be more aware of all the flashbulbs going off, but he's been taking time to whisper in my ear since he got up there.

I know he's got a sharpie in his hand and I'm almost afraid to wonder what the hell will happen to it when we all start drinking.

But for now, he's got his hands by my thighs, his breath on my neck, and he's warm and solid against my back: just like I remember.

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