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This is my first story, so please be gentle! lol =)

Title: I Think We're Alone Now
Rating: PG
Characters: Dominic Monaghan, Orlando Bloom
Disclaimer: The characters do not belong to me, but the content of the story does. Enjoy!

Dominic looked up from his script for just a second to quickly glance at Orlando. Orlando Bloom was probably the most beautiful specimen of man he'd ever laid eyes on. Dom loved the way his eyebrows would furrow when he was deep in concentration. Orlando caught Dom's eye while taking a break from studying his script, and smiled. Dom gasped a little, that smile was amazing and it nearly took his breath away. Feeling his own cheeks become flushed, he looked back down at his script reading.

He had been called out to New Zealand for Lord of the Rings, and he had quickly become friends with most of the cast. He could easily share a laugh or two with Billy, Elijah, or Sean. Even with Viggo, conversation was easy. But wwith Orlando it was different. Dom was completely awestruck and smitten with Orlando. Everything about him attracted Dom to him even more. His adorable accent. His striking good looks. His infectious laugh. His sparkling eyes. His dazzling smile. Dominic couldn't help but imagine himself in Orlando's strong arms.

One day, during their day off from filming The Fellowship of the Ring, Dom was hanging around the house, seemingly alone. To save the budget of the movie, all the male actors shared a nice house in Wellington, just in the center of town. Elijah and the boys decided they wanted to head to the beach to catch a few waves, but Dominic just wanted to stay home and actually relax for a day. He was lounging around the house and was watching TV when he dozed off.

Orlando rubbed his eyes groggily as he came down the stairs slowly, just emerging from his 2-hour nap. He scratched his stomach, yawning, as he walked towards the kitchen. It's really quiet in the house, he thought, everyone must be out somewhere. He fixed himself a glass of water and a sandwich, and walked towards the living room to watch some TV. He stood in the doorway, smiling lightly to himself as he saw Dominic sprawled out on the couch, snoring quietly. He sat down on the recliner, just opposite of the couch, and watched Dom sleep as he ate his lunch.

Orlando had felt a kind of connection with Dominic, but it was more on a personal level. He knew he was close with Viggo and they could talk about anything, but with Dom it was more affectionate. He had seen the way Dom reacted when they were in the same room together. He had seen how Dom had blushed when he smiled at him. He knew that Dom had feelings for him, he could read into the signals so well. The only thing that Dom never realized, was that Orlando felt them back. He put his plate down on the coffee table before slowly getting out of the chair. He inched his way over to the couch and sat on the edge of it, carefully trying not to fall off or squish Dom's legs. He reached his hand out and gently stroked the side of Dom's face lovingly.

Dom opened his eyes slowly, looking up to see who was touching his face. His eyes locked with Orlando's and he just smiled. At that exact moment, he knew that Orlando felt the same way. He sat up a little bit, looking in Orlando's eyes the whole time.

"I've...I've always wanted to tell you how I felt, Orlando, but I just couldn't bring myself to do it," Dom confessed. Orlando just smiled at him.

"It's okay Dom, I know. I knew it that afternoon when I smiled at you and you blushed. And I know it was hard for either of us to confess with the other guys always around," he answered.

"But I think we're alone now," Dom smiled at Orlando innocently.

Orlando just smiled at him as he leaned in close, wrapping his slender hands around Dom's waist. Dom, sensing the love, the affection that Orlando was giving, gave in to his touch. He ran his fingers through Orlando's silky, brown hair as he felt their lips touch. He closed his eyes as he and Orlando shared the most passionate kiss he had ever felt in his entire life. He opened his eyes and looked up at Orlando. Orlando smiled sweetly at him before pulling Dom into his arms as they lay on the couch. Dom closed his eyes as rested his head on Orlando's chest, listening to his heartbeat. He whispered quietly, "Yes, I think we're alone now."

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