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So sorry if you've seen this already... I promise I don't spam often.

Title: Now & Then
Author: kissing_athelas
Pairing: Hopefully, anyone you want from the LOTR RPS fandom. No names are mentioned so it's up to you to choose who this is about. Pick someone to be your speaker and someone else to be the him of the story and you're away!
Rating: 15
Summary: Missed opportunities, I guess.
Disclaimer: I can't even be bothered to be witty. Fiction.

Feedback: Oh yes, please. Very important here. I would love to know if you liked, if it worked, etc. If you thought it was a success tell me who you read it as. I'd love to see people who wouldn't normally read me giving it a whirl. I'd also love to know if it didn't work, and the reasons why. Don't be afraid to be honest! Gracias...

Now & Then
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