foxrafer (foxrafer) wrote in domorli,

Men of Middle Earth Awards

The nomination period ends at the end of the month, so only a couple of weeks are left to submit your favorite stories to the Men of Middle Earth Awards. If you want to make sure the pairings you love have their own categories, please nominate as many exceptional fics as you can in each of the story lengths (drabble, ficlet, short fic, long fic).

Please keep in mind that a pairing will only have its own award in a specific fic size if it receives five distinct nominations. For example, if five different DomOrli ficlets are nominated, DomOrli will have a Ficlet category. Otherwise, DomOrli will be part of a general category with other pairings that don't receive at least five ficlet nominations.

Specific details on eligibility and the nomination process can be found on the profile page. Nominations can be made as a screened comment to the June 8 nominations post.

July 31 will be here before you know it. Please submit your nominations today!
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