Jewel (violettefemme) wrote in domorli,

DM/OB, PG-13

Pairing: Dom/Orlando
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: The usual... not mine
Unbeta'd all mistakes are my own.

“There's a stain in your underpants that won’t come out!” Orlando yelled from the laundry.

“What, Doll? I can’t really hear you.” Dom called back.

Orlando flounced into the room seconds later looking extremely frustrated and waving a pair of men’s briefs in one hand. He stretched the cotton between his hands and pushed it in Dom’s face.

“Look at this!” Orlando dropped to his knees in front of Dom and threw the stained briefs at him. “Bleach wouldn’t even get this out, Dommie! What is it!”

Dom peered at the stain trying to remember when he had last worn that particular pair.

“It’s pasta sauce.” Dom dropped the underpants and moved his knees apart so Orlando could slide in between. He threaded his fingers through his lover’s hair and watched in amusement as Orlando’s frustrated eyes tinged with lust.

“Dominic…” Orlando said warningly.

“Orlando…” Dom said lustily and thrust his denim covered crotch.

“You’ve got to stop cooking in your pants, mate!” Orlando whined pathetically. “I’m not sure it’s sanitary and it’s getting bloody expensive replacing them all.”

Dom slid his zipper down and parted his fly before returning his fingers to Orlando’s curls. “Then stop replacing them.”

Orlando turned confused eyes up at his lover. “But Dom, eventually you’d run out of underpants.”

“Yeah… I would.” Dominic pulled Orlando’s head down slightly and arched his back just enough to rub Orlando’s nose against the silk barrier of his boxers.

Dom could see the wheels turning in Orlando’s head and would have found this comical if he hadn’t been so turned on.

“Stop buying them…” Orlando’s hot breath ghosted over the outline of Dom’s erection.

“Yeah.” Dominic arched again rubbing the silk against Orlando’s lips and groaning aloud.

“Good plan, mate.” Orlando grinned as he lowered his head.
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